KDSC is a volunteer-run organization.  Without volunteers, the Club would cease to exist.  By volunteering with KDSC, you are demonstrating a commitment to your child, the community and the beautiful game of soccer.

Due to a lack of volunteers in past years, beginning in 2013, we have implemented a $25 volunteer fee per family of child and youth players.  If a family representative performs one or more of the recognized volunteer duties the $25 will be refunded to the family post-season.  The duties will be assigned on a first come - first served basis. To view the policy please click here.

There are several volunteer roles that exist at KDSC with varying levels of commitment:

  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager
  • House League Convener
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Photo Day Coordinator and helpers
  • Festival Day - committee and duties
  • Tournaments
  • Equipment 
  • Field Marshal
  • Discipline and Appeals panel
  • Parking lot traffic control

For a more detailed list and descriptions please click here. Other duties may qualify - please check with the Club. Please note that taking your turn providing a snack for your child's team does not qualify as a Volunteer Duty for rebate purposes.

Please feel free to contact the club at club@kemptvillesoccer.com for more information.

Referees - paid position. 

We need teenagers and adults to work as referees. The games assigned, and compensation, will depend on qualifications and experience. Referees must be 14 by April 1st in their first year. 

For more information, please contact the Club Head Referee.