Where and When will I play / practice?

Firstly, It is impossible to please everybody. Play nights are allocated based on available Fields, Referees, registration numbers, inter club and league commitments, time of year...you get the idea. 

Youth league games will be played on weeknights and are played on fields in Kemptville.  U3 and U4 will play Saturday mornings in the 2017 season.

More details will be added as to this response as they are determined. Here's a hint: If you really need to know as soon as possible, volunteer to help.

What is youngest age for registering?

The youngest age level we have is "under 3". To qualify the child must be turning 3 in the calendar year.

Why is registration so early? 

Two main reasons, 

  1. In order to plan teams, uniforms, coaches, fields etc., we must know as soon as possible how many players we will have.
  2. We have a deadline for getting registrations to the Ontario Soccer Association. They sanction our league and our liability insurance is through them.
When is registration?

Find all the details on our Registration Page.

What if I miss registration?

Find all the details on our Registration Page.

I registered at registration day, when will I find out when I play?

You can expect to hear from a coach or convener around the end of May. Players that registered for the competitive teams will receive notification of tryouts usually by early February. 

My child registered for competitive and didn't make the team. Can she play in the house league?

Yes, it is expected that some players will not make the competitive teams. Where we have house league divisions these players will be accommodated. The club would like to see all players that want to play, playing.

Can my 8 year old play on the same team as his 11 year old brother?


‘Playing Up’ a division or more is not encouraged. It is usually unfair both to the player and the team. The development of skills and teamwork for the players requires that they play within their own levels.

My Son only wants to play forward?

It's not going to happen. Soccer is a team sport and it expected that all players will contribute to the game. As part of team development it is expected that players learn the skills necessary to play any position. Your son will probably get to play in his favourite position quite often, but expect him to play elsewhere 30 to 50% of the time.

Do we have to attend practices?

If you have signed up for a ‘competitive’ team, it is expected that you attend all practices and games. Some competitive teams will have two or three team practices for every game played.

For the house league teams every effort should be made to attend all practices. It is here that the players will have the time to learn the skills they will need in the game. Practices are usually once a week and should be about 45 mins. Practices should be a fun mix of team development and skills training.

Can I get my money back?

It is understood that until the game nights are known many people are unable to fully commit to playing.

The policy of the club with respect to refunds can be found under the Club Info tab.

Due to the workload at the beginning of the season, refunds are usually not issued until the end of June. All refunds must be approved by the KDSC executive at a regular executive meeting. Please mail in or drop off at the office a Request for Refund Form. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Questions - contact our Administrator.

I want to complain about a coach, referee, or player?

Firstly, all complaints must be in writing and signed. The club takes all complaints very seriously but we must be careful to protect the reputation of all our coaches, referees. and players. We will attempt to initially resolve all issues informally and casually. Failing that we have a discipline / complaints committee that may meet to hear your issues.

Special Requests

We will try to accommodate requests within reason. House League players can request to play with one friend, but the friend must also make the same request. Even then, depending on when we receive the request and on other factors, we may not be able to meet your request.

House vs Competitive

Competitive teams from our club are usually entered in 
Ottawa Carelton Soccer League (OCSL) or East Region Soccer League (ERSL) , so many of the games will involve travel in the greater Ottawa region. House teams typically play only within the Kemptville area although occasionally they may play games in the areas around North Grenville. This usually occurs in the older age groups where we don't have enough teams to make a division.

Tryouts for places on competitive teams should be expected. Competitive teams are typically made up of the stronger players, as we usually have more players trying out for places than we have room for. House league teams will have a far greater range of skill and experience levels. We do intentionally try to even out the teams at house so as to make for more even play.

The level of commitment expected for Competitive teams is much greater. As well as travelling, competitive teams will usually hold more practices. Often a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of practices to games. House league teams typically have a 1:1 practice to game ratio.

Team discipline at the competitive level has a higher emphasis. Competitive coaches have greater latitude with individual playing times.

In all leagues winning is very important, teams must always try to win, but in the House League it may not be the most important thing. Instead a high emphasis is placed on participation.

The exact rule for U10, U12 etc

Take Under 10 as an example. U10 players for the 2017 season must have been under 10 years of age on Dec 31st 2016. To put that another way their 10th birthday falls some time in 2017, so their date of birth is some time in 2007. Or turning 10 in 2017.

In many cases players 1 or 2 years younger can also play. For example if we field U12 and U14 teams, but no U13 team, then we would encourage players who will be 13 sometime this year to apply for the U14 team.

What if it rains?

Soccer is an all weather sport. Games (both Competitive and House) will go ahead rain or shine. The referee can call the game off if there is lightning or if he/she believes it would be dangerous to continue for any reason. But this is the referee's decision, which will be made at game time. Coaches and players should arrive for the game ready to play depending on the referee's decision.