What is LTPD?


LTPD is an acronym which stands for Long Term Player Development

LTPD is a framework used to describe the evolution of development of a player. In more human terms, LTPD is a model to be used by Ontario Soccer Clubs to "right" the soccer ship in Ontario (and throughout Canada).

The LTPD program:

  • Eliminates gaps in the player development system.
  • Guides planning for optimal athlete performance at all stages.
  • Provides a framework for program alignment and integration, from volunteer club coaches to national and professional teams.
  • Follows scientific principles and practical coaching experiences.

Benefits for coaches & clubs:

  • Information and education on effective coaching and practice methods.
  • Guidelines for appropriate game structures.
  • Guidelines on appropriate competition levels.
  • Established pathways for player development for all levels of ability and ambition.
  • Affirmation of best practices for coaches and club administrators.

There has been plenty of mis-stated facts about LTPD, usually by those not really understanding LTPD.
LTPD is NOT about taking competition or the desire to win away from players.
LTPD is NOT about turning our youngsters into a "play nice" generation.
LTPD is NOT about lumping all players together into one big happy family.

LTPD is about treating each player as an individual and giving each individual an opportunity to develop at their own pace and to their own individual optimum level.
LTPD is about putting the horse before the cart such that players grow and develop at their own natural pace. We would never consider teaching a child to read before they know the alphabet. Soccer is no different; players must first learn to run/jump/balance/coordinate before we expect them to strike a soccer ball, and once they are ready to learn to play with a soccer ball, they need to be given an opportunity to learn how to keep it under control otherwise it just rolls away from them.

Soccer rich nations around the world have long practiced LTPD principles (for example, in Spain, players do not compete for standings until U15).  LTPD is nothing new. The Canadian Soccer Association has simply adopted athletic and soccer development principles from best practices around the world.

The implementation of LTPD is a very large task and one we take very seriously at KDSC. In general, the implementation of LTPD means more opportunities for the individual, programs designed for a players development level rather than their chronological age, a lot more game play for our players - overall, a whole lot more FUN.

For more information on LTPD, please check out additional articles under the LTPD tab.

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