2018 Tryouts and Evaluations - Schedule
February 9, 2018

2018 Tryouts and Assessments will be held in the new dome in Russell. The address of the Dome is 150 Sportsplex Street, Embrun. Please note the dome is in the Township of Russell and not the Town of Russell. It is in Embrun. 

No on-site registrations will be taken; U13 to U18 players must be registered with KDSC by Thursday, March 1 and U9 to U12 players must be registered with KDSC by Thursday, March 22. Players can register online, by mail or in-person during office hours.

To download a copy of the schedule please click here.

Notes for the day of the tryout/evaluation:

  1. Players to arrive 30 minutes to check-in at the Conference Room prior to entry into the dome to the playing fields
  2. Players will register with KDSC and be provided their pinnies within the Conference Room.
  3. Players to return their pinnies back into the Conference Room after their scheduled tryout/evaluation.
  4. Players will not interfere with ongoing tryout/assessments.
  5. Best of luck to all players. Thank you for showcasing your talent to Kemptville District Soccer Club.


Evaluation Criteria

  •  Players are evaluated on five categories: Agility/Movement, Creativity, First Touch Control, Passing Accuracy, Soccer Sense/Soccer I
  •  Keepers are evaluated on five categories: Ball Control with Feet, Game Sense, Soccer Agility, Ball Handling Technique, Decision Making

If you have any questions please email them to club@kemptvillesoccer.com.

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